Charul from Gemhance came to me wanting a personalised present for her 14 year old niece. She gave me a few of her favourite things, hobbies and fav colours. I gave her a few different options and she chose a papercut.  I’m like yeaaaaaaaa! A papercut is a piece of art cut out from one piece of card or paper.

So I sketched out a very rough sketch, showed it to Charul and she’s like go for it.  It took 4 evenings to cut this piece. I sooooo couldn’t wait to finish this piece cos of achy fingers! But was super pleased at the end of it. Off I went to find a frame, spray painted some colour on the back and glitterised the piece and this papercut become some awesome art.

The Frame also made this piece as it was a mini notice board and came with pins to attach bits to the inside.

Here’s a close up of the finished papercut.


Charul is a beautiful soul who is a jewellery designer who hand makes her own jewellery using ethically sourced materials and selects gemstones for their properties and uniqueness to make healing jewellery. If you’d like a session, let me know and i can hook you up.

If you’d like a personalised papercut for a loved one.

Please contact EKone via the contact us.

lots of Love


The Naughtiest Card Order Ever!

So my email pinged up with an Amazon card order and I have a quick read. I immediately had a little giggle to myself. It was only when I checked it properly was when I realised, he’s ordered 4! And then I was whattttttt, hooooww?!! Answers on a postcard, please :)

This is what it was, posted off this this morning. The naughtiest card order ever… Fancy a threesome? If you’re too shy to  actually ask, well this is a brill way to do it.


He bought 4! hahaaaaaaa. So if you would like 2 or 4? You can catch them here. 

I wish him all the luck in the world. I got everything crossed for him. he heeee.

Happy Tuesday!

Khilna x








I think I found my Calling in Life… Resin Art.

I’ve recently started Resin Art and I have to say I absolutely love it! It is definitely my calling in life. It is hands down the most fun thing ever! You have to work quick as once the 2 liquids are mixed together, you have a window of about 15 – 20 minutes to mix, move and play with your colour. Otherwise you find out the hard way with the mixture hardened in the jug already!

The makings of these art pieces are messy, the resin gets everywhere. But it’s absolute joy to watch the colours mix in with each other, swishing and swaying all over the place. Here is the resin cast off that runs off the board.

Resin Art Cast offs


The finished piece – a birthday present! Presented to Linda on the 4th July 2017 and she immediately went home  and put in up on her wall.

Resin Art is so much fun and you can experiment with many different paints, inks, spray and any number of colours, to get all sorts of different results. I’ve been using a hairdryer to remove the little air bubbles however was finding that I was losing quite a bit of control of how the paint was mixing into each other so I’ve only gone and got myself a blowtorch. Ekkkk and some silicone spray for experimenting with lacelike texture. I cannot wait to get on and do some experimenting.

If you would like a Resin Art piece for your home or a present for your loved one with any specific requirements or even learn how to make resin art, please do get in touch, you can email: Khilna@ekone.co.uk or drop a line via the contact  page.

Happy Monday


Khilna x


The Year Long Art Piece

So this piece has been in the making since last year. Technically it was meant to be for Jayshree and Rakesh’s wedding present but it was no-where near ready so it lended itself to becoming their first anniversary present! #NaughtyKhilna!

A little bit about this piece. I had been for a graffiti lesson just before doing this, so was adamant that I wanted to use what I had learnt. My uncle had given us some big storage boxes, recycled from his workplace. Instead of putting them in the recycling bin, I thought why not use it for an art piece. It had a great surface to work on, it’s sturdy and massive! Wayheyyyy!

So I began, spraying away. However, like all my art pieces, I don’t plan and the end result never looks like how I thought about it at the start. It has steered in different directions whether it was moving away from a colour I didn’t like, or adding textures here and splats there. Moving orientation, doing portraits in pin pricks and realising that you can’t see it! Even though it was an awesome idea. All sorts happened.

I had free reign for the most part, apart from the having some photographs in the piece, which I put on in full force, all the sides of the wooden frame. Which I very proudly made myself with a lil help from Mum and Nishal.

Here’s some pictures of the start and inbetween.

the start

detail 2

detail 1

the frame

the faces

Happy 1st Anniversary Jayshree and Rakesh.

May you both, live long and prosper x

Lots of Love

Khilna and the Gang x




Hombres: The Special Specials’ Board

Would you ever imagine this fun quirky Mexican Restaurant to be in Harrow! Well amigos, think again. Hombres Mexican Kitchen is the only Mexican restaurant of its kind in Harrow! Serving up fresh, healthy and filling Mexican street food. Its ranked no 4 out of 308 restaurants in Harrow on Trip advisor (27/05/15). How awesome is that! Well now, take a look at these and decide for yourself.

 Hombres Art h Hombres Art i Hombres Art k Hombres Art m

Hombres Art s Hombres Art p Hombres Art q Hombres Art r

The first time I went to Hombres, I just loved the walls, especially the printed flaky painted side, and then downstairs the ripped poster wall. They look fantastic. I have 4 been times now! And each time you visit, you always bump into people you know or even make some new friends. Its great! We ordered a few dishes, Roasted Vegetable Quesadillas, Sweet Potato Fries, Honey Chipotle Wings, an Unwrapped Burrito for those on no carbs, and to top it off Cinnamon Churros with Chocolate. Ohhhh my! It so just tooooooo good :) A couple of the guys ordered grilled habanero wings and one suffered quietly whereas the other not so quietly! Hahaaaaaaaaaa! Though I am a vegetarian, Shamik says people come from all over to try the wings. 

So at my last visit, Shamik commissioned a piece of art and I made it into a special, specials board…

Hombres Art e

So the guy was inspired by Shamik himself (can you see the resemblance?) and also because I watched “The Book of Life” a cute Mexican animation by Jorge R. Gutierrez. Shamik had just shaved the tash a few days before! Sods Law! otherwise the picture would have been even more epic. The speech bubble is interactive, done with blackboard paint so can be chopped and changed with a piece of chalk. You can draw or write in the speech bubble. 

Hombres Art d

Make sure you make a trip up to Hombres and experience authentic Mexican cuisine. Next time I’m checking out the paintings new home and what its gonna say. Also I definitely have to try out the cocktails and I’m sure that wont be my last visit! Hombres puts on some great events on - Movie nights with food, drink and popcorn, sports matches, a week of Cinco de Mayo celebrations. There’s always special offers going on, check out www.facebook.com/HombresMexican. Ayye Caramba, amigos and amigas  give em a like. Fresh off the Press: The new house beer PISTONHEAD is launching this friday, 29th May 2015. Need to try some of that too!

Thanks Shamik of Hombres.




Bhavik & Friends Mehfil – Nepal Earthquake Appeal

I had the opportunity to support a charity Mehfil at the Elstree Aerodrome on the 15th May 2015, put on by Bhavik Haria, a young successful entrepreneur with the biggest heart ever. Him along with his family and friends put on a spectacular show, to raise money for the rescue efforts – Action Aid in Nepal and for CarEducation, to rebuild an orphanage that came down in the Earthquake. Bhavik and his mum, were watching the news and learnt of the second earthquake in Nepal. At that exact moment, Bhavik turned to his mum and without him even saying anything, just by looking at his face, she knew. Bhavik wanted to put on the show to raise funds. In the space of 2 weeks, with phone calls here and phone calls there, it was all sorted! Lot of generous suppliers donated food and raffle prizes for the show.

Bhavik asked me to help out. He don’t need to ask me twice. I’m always there. #No1Fan! I started going to Bhavik’s singing shows from the very beginning and I can say that, he’s gone from strength to strength.

Bhavik, Shri, Ghanshyam and Ghanshyam

A little bit about the Musicians:

Shri Gadhvi on tabla, move over 1 Direction, Shri’s on his way. As well as being a major heartthrob, he is such a talented tabla player. You just have to see him in action! And even more so, when there’s 2 tabla players.

Ghanshyam Makwana on percussion, he plays anything and everything and makes it sound so good! Look at that clay pot, its been modified, He says! Definitely one of my favs!

Ghanshyam Patel on the Keyboard, again a fantastic player. So generous, even in the middle of playing, the girls shook him down for some donations, Well done girls! Need to learn some skills of you two!

Not forgetting Dipak Parmar, sound engineer. Without him, you would not have heard anybody.

I’ve been lucky enough to sit in the front row a few times and I just love the little mannerisms between all the musicians. You can hear C sharp major a few times. You can see when they’re all ecstatically happy with something. You can see Shri getting his green and yellow scourer out, hahaaaa great practice for later on in life!

So on the ticket table, I was trying to get some ticket money of the Host of the Evening, with no luck might I add. You can’t blame a girl for trying. I introduce Jay Junior. A fantastic host for evening, first time auctioneer. Sotheby’s you may need him soon. Auctioning the main prize of 24 tickets for paintballing worth £25 pounds each which finally went for  £500.00.  Jay did a brilliant job! Here’s a shot of Jay in action and check this, not a single seat left in the hall. #SoldOut.

The girls shaking Ghanshyam Patel for donationsJay Junior - Host for the eveningFull House

Having collected all the proceeds from the ticket sales and the raffle tickets, the audience were coming out with some ingenious ideas to raise some more money. Firstly Jay Junior auctioned the band. You could have an evening with the band, for them to play anywhere. Jay managed to auction them off for the headiest heights of £1300. A massive wahheyyyy!

Then Bhaviks mum and I second this, wanted to see a play off between Shri on tabla and Ganshyam on the pot. So the Indian word for this play off is called a “Jugalbandi” and ohhh my God, it was just tooooooo bloody goood! Then lastly donations for song requests.

So all in all a hugee sum of £3977 was raised on the evening (+ extra if you include gift aid) and Bhavik just informs me, that more donations are coming through. So if you came to show and enjoyed it more than ever, if you think the guys did a great job, or if you weren’t lucky enough to get a ticket (Bhavik mentioned that there was a waiting list of 92 people) and you would like to donate some money to such a worthy cause, Nepal Earthquake Appeal, http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserPage.action?userUrl=CAREYouth&pageUrl=6. Please donate how ever much you can.

Also the venue was very kindly donated too. Its a fantastic venue that can be hired out for small functions with great views in the day time. Planes and helicopters are taking off and landing. www.welcometothehub.com. Do check it out.

Well Done Bhavik and Team on a super successful event. Lets raise some more money for Nepal. My way of doing so is auctioning off a painting from my collection, all profits to go to Nepal Earthquake Appeal.


   Haus of Ganesh chairty auction NO 1 Fan, Bhavik continually inspires me.



The Electric Run 02 MAY 2015

The Electric Junglees managed to run, walk, run, walk and run to the end at The Electric Run 2015 at Wembley . Thanks to my lot for not leaving me behind! We did it in about 48 minutes not that anyone was counting! Was kinda counting on the knee pain to come, which it did about half way in. But it was great doing this run the second time in a row, and being to run a teeeny bit! Loved the inflatable cupcakes, giant teddies, the smell of bubblegum and the people on stilts.

But we thought we’d take this opportunity to raise some money for the Nepal Earthquake https://www.justgiving.com/teamelectricrun. So if you havn’t donated yet, please do. Took a few snaps here and there, do check ‘em out.


    Lets raise some money for Nepal. Khilna

The Carters: Shamrocks, Cupcakes and Tattoos.

After an impromptu personalised portfolio order this week. I was very inspired to finish off one of my old projects that was on my to do list from a long time ago. So I attended my good friend Emmas wedding last year in Nov 2014. She married a diamond geezer called Darren. Before I show you what I did, let me tell you that Emma & Darren gave me a great opportunity to design their wedding invites and their blessing. So all the invites had to have on them was the Irish shamrock, so I came up with these…

Irish Blessing front and back bw  Irish wedding invite and RSVP aw   Irish Wedding Invite detail awIrish Wedding RSVP front and back bw

Gosh it feels like soooooo long ago that I done these. It was rather funny receiving something in the post that I had designed and had to RSPV too. If you know someone who’s getting married or you need something designing, please do get in touch.

Now for the thing that I finished off my to do list…

It was but a plain wooden chopping board. I transformed it with a pyrography tool. Slightly difficult to handle as you think it’s gonna to slip or you’re going to burn something by accident. This took me a good few hours and I felt like a real tattooist! he heeeee! Had the finger pains and everything! As Emma is a cake baker and a bloody fabulous one at that and Darren has a frigging awesome tattoo. I amalgamated the passions of the two into this skull and crossbones cupcake sitting in a tattooed scaly liner. Complete sitting on a plate with the cloudy sky with the sun rays coming through.

Wooden chopping board - Emma and Darren - a   Wooden chopping board - Emma and Darren - cw Wooden chopping board - Emma and Darren - ew Wooden chopping board - Emma and Darren - d


So happy with how this turned out, watch out for more pyrography. So Emma I hadnt told you about this yet, but lets catch up soon so I can give this bad boy to you soon :)

Hope you’re all having a happy saturday, can’t wait for summer!


Biophilia by Raphael Mazzucco

I was incredibly lucky to have been invited to the opening of an exclusive art event – “Biophilia” by Raphael Mazzucco at the Castle Fine Art Gallery in Mayfair on the 16th April 2015.

Biophilia At Castle Fine Art Gallery At Castle Fine Art Gallery 2

Having rocked up in scatty trainers and underdone hair! I soon shook off that feeling and was hit with gorgeous model portraiture everywhere. As soon as you walk in, you’re invited by stunning ladies saying come hither and look at me. I thought to  myself this guy is one lucky guy. He gets to photograph the beautiful people – models, musicians in breath takingly beautiful locations – Mexico, Madagascar, Vietnam and creates art pieces so pleasing to the eye, you can’t help but want one!

 Mexico Madagascar 2 IMG_20150421_142228

Really large pieces with an image in the back with lots of different paint techniques on the piece – splatter, drips, brush stokes, swishes. Most were encased in resin and the processes and techniques different for each piece of art work. For eg. There were pieces that had feathers encased in the resin or sharks teeth, some has paint and then resin on top, others were resin first and then paint on top. Typography, writing and explainations. Ooo and the colours, the colours were just eye popping. You really had to be there to appreciate the pieces in their full glory.

So the artist – Raphael Mazzucco, even his name has an artist’s ring about it. looking effortlessly cool, was mingling with the crowds, chatting and laughing. Circling the 3 different floors. It took about 3 goes to even get near him, but eventually we did and got books signed by him, he was ever so lovely, shook our hands and asked us what we thought of the show. I also said to him at the end, well if you ever need an Indian model, you know where to find me! And he burst into laughter. I might not have said that if  didn’t have 3 glasses of champagne but there you go!

  Raphael Mazzucco IMG_20150421_125022 Kate Upton

We briefly saw Kate Upton the model, as she was featured in some of the pieces but lost her towards the end. So couldn’t get a selfie with her! But what an amazing evening for me. Thanks K.


Small Business Marketing – Personalised Letters

As a small business you’re always thinking of clever cheap ideas for marketing. This was an idea I came up for some small business marketing. A mixture of large and small letters that were decoupaged, painted and gold leafed. Spelling out EKone, complete with dot co dot uk too.

EKone Letters dw

(Please excuse the dusty car!)

Perfect for leaving in your car so its always on show. When people are walking past or driving behind you, they can see the letters. Also great for taking to stalls or offices or even on your mantle piece. A stylish bold statement for your company.

EKone Letters ew

If you would like some personalised letters for your car, home or office. Please do check out http://bit.ly/1EEVYOH. Or for a quote for letters with dot co dot uk, different colours etc, please do leave a message via the contact page.