Bhavik & Friends Mehfil – Nepal Earthquake Appeal

I had the opportunity to support a charity Mehfil at the Elstree Aerodrome on the 15th May 2015, put on by Bhavik Haria, a young successful entrepreneur with the biggest heart ever. Him along with his family and friends put on a spectacular show, to raise money for the rescue efforts – Action Aid in Nepal and for CarEducation, to rebuild an orphanage that came down in the Earthquake. Bhavik and his mum, were watching the news and learnt of the second earthquake in Nepal. At that exact moment, Bhavik turned to his mum and without him even saying anything, just by looking at his face, she knew. Bhavik wanted to put on the show to raise funds. In the space of 2 weeks, with phone calls here and phone calls there, it was all sorted! Lot of generous suppliers donated food and raffle prizes for the show.

Bhavik asked me to help out. He don’t need to ask me twice. I’m always there. #No1Fan! I started going to Bhavik’s singing shows from the very beginning and I can say that, he’s gone from strength to strength.

Bhavik, Shri, Ghanshyam and Ghanshyam

A little bit about the Musicians:

Shri Gadhvi on tabla, move over 1 Direction, Shri’s on his way. As well as being a major heartthrob, he is such a talented tabla player. You just have to see him in action! And even more so, when there’s 2 tabla players.

Ghanshyam Makwana on percussion, he plays anything and everything and makes it sound so good! Look at that clay pot, its been modified, He says! Definitely one of my favs!

Ghanshyam Patel on the Keyboard, again a fantastic player. So generous, even in the middle of playing, the girls shook him down for some donations, Well done girls! Need to learn some skills of you two!

Not forgetting Dipak Parmar, sound engineer. Without him, you would not have heard anybody.

I’ve been lucky enough to sit in the front row a few times and I just love the little mannerisms between all the musicians. You can hear C sharp major a few times. You can see when they’re all ecstatically happy with something. You can see Shri getting his green and yellow scourer out, hahaaaa great practice for later on in life!

So on the ticket table, I was trying to get some ticket money of the Host of the Evening, with no luck might I add. You can’t blame a girl for trying. I introduce Jay Junior. A fantastic host for evening, first time auctioneer. Sotheby’s you may need him soon. Auctioning the main prize of 24 tickets for paintballing worth £25 pounds each which finally went for  £500.00.  Jay did a brilliant job! Here’s a shot of Jay in action and check this, not a single seat left in the hall. #SoldOut.

The girls shaking Ghanshyam Patel for donationsJay Junior - Host for the eveningFull House

Having collected all the proceeds from the ticket sales and the raffle tickets, the audience were coming out with some ingenious ideas to raise some more money. Firstly Jay Junior auctioned the band. You could have an evening with the band, for them to play anywhere. Jay managed to auction them off for the headiest heights of £1300. A massive wahheyyyy!

Then Bhaviks mum and I second this, wanted to see a play off between Shri on tabla and Ganshyam on the pot. So the Indian word for this play off is called a “Jugalbandi” and ohhh my God, it was just tooooooo bloody goood! Then lastly donations for song requests.

So all in all a hugee sum of £3977 was raised on the evening (+ extra if you include gift aid) and Bhavik just informs me, that more donations are coming through. So if you came to show and enjoyed it more than ever, if you think the guys did a great job, or if you weren’t lucky enough to get a ticket (Bhavik mentioned that there was a waiting list of 92 people) and you would like to donate some money to such a worthy cause, Nepal Earthquake Appeal, Please donate how ever much you can.

Also the venue was very kindly donated too. Its a fantastic venue that can be hired out for small functions with great views in the day time. Planes and helicopters are taking off and landing. Do check it out.

Well Done Bhavik and Team on a super successful event. Lets raise some more money for Nepal. My way of doing so is auctioning off a painting from my collection, all profits to go to Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

   Haus of Ganesh chairty auction NO 1 Fan, Bhavik continually inspires me.