Biophilia by Raphael Mazzucco

I was incredibly lucky to have been invited to the opening of an exclusive art event – “Biophilia” by Raphael Mazzucco at the Castle Fine Art Gallery in Mayfair on the 16th April 2015.

 BiophiliaAt Castle Fine Art Gallery At Castle Fine Art Gallery 2

Having rocked up in scatty trainers and underdone hair! I soon shook off that feeling and was hit with gorgeous model portraiture everywhere. As soon as you walk in, you’re invited by stunning ladies saying come hither and look at me. I thought to  myself this guy is one lucky guy. He gets to photograph the beautiful people – models, musicians in breath takingly beautiful locations – Mexico, Madagascar, Vietnam and creates art pieces so pleasing to the eye, you can’t help but want one!

 Mexico Madagascar 2 IMG_20150421_142228

Really large pieces with an image in the back with lots of different paint techniques on the piece – splatter, drips, brush stokes, swishes. Most were encased in resin and the processes and techniques different for each piece of art work. For eg. There were pieces that had feathers encased in the resin or sharks teeth, some has paint and then resin on top, others were resin first and then paint on top. Typography, writing and explainations. Ooo and the colours, the colours were just eye popping. You really had to be there to appreciate the pieces in their full glory.

So the artist – Raphael Mazzucco, even his name has an artist’s ring about it. looking effortlessly cool, was mingling with the crowds, chatting and laughing. Circling the 3 different floors. It took about 3 goes to even get near him, but eventually we did and got books signed by him, he was ever so lovely, shook our hands and asked us what we thought of the show. I also said to him at the end, well if you ever need an Indian model, you know where to find me! And he burst into laughter. I might not have said that if  didn’t have 3 glasses of champagne but there you go!

  Raphael Mazzucco IMG_20150421_125022 Kate Upton

We briefly saw Kate Upton the model, as she was featured in some of the pieces but lost her towards the end. So couldn’t get a selfie with her! But what an amazing evening for me. Thanks K.