I think I found my Calling in Life… Resin Art.

I’ve recently started Resin Art and I have to say I absolutely love it! It is definitely my calling in life. It is hands down the most fun thing ever! You have to work quick as once the 2 liquids are mixed together, you have a window of about 15 – 20 minutes to mix, move and play with your colour. Otherwise you find out the hard way with the mixture hardened in the jug already!

The makings of these art pieces are messy, the resin gets everywhere. But it’s absolute joy to watch the colours mix in with each other, swishing and swaying all over the place. Here is the resin cast off that runs off the board.

The finished piece – a birthday present! Presented to Linda on the 4th July 2017 and she immediately went home  and put in up on her wall.

Resin Art is so much fun and you can experiment with many different paints, inks, spray and any number of colours, to get all sorts of different results. I’ve been using a hairdryer to remove the little air bubbles however was finding that I was losing quite a bit of control of how the paint was mixing into each other so I’ve only gone and got myself a blowtorch. Ekkkk and some silicone spray for experimenting with lacelike texture. I cannot wait to get on and do some experimenting.

If you would like a Resin Art piece for your home or a present for your loved one with any specific requirements or even learn how to make resin art, please do get in touch, you can email: Khilna@ekone.co.uk or drop a line via the contact page.

Happy Monday


Khilna x