Charul from Gemhance came to me wanting a personalised present for her 14 year old niece. She gave me a few of her favourite things, hobbies and fav colours. I gave her a few different options and she chose a papercut.  I’m like yeaaaaaaaa! A papercut is a piece of art cut out from one piece of card or paper.

So I sketched out a very rough sketch, showed it to Charul and she’s like go for it.  It took 4 evenings to cut this piece. I sooooo couldn’t wait to finish this piece cos of achy fingers! But was super pleased at the end of it. Off I went to find a frame, spray painted some colour on the back and glitterised the piece and this papercut become some awesome art.

The Frame also made this piece as it was a mini notice board and came with pins to attach bits to the inside.

Here’s a close up of the finished papercut.


Charul is a beautiful soul who is a jewellery designer who hand makes her own jewellery using ethically sourced materials and selects gemstones for their properties and uniqueness to make healing jewellery. If you’d like a session, let me know and i can hook you up.

If you’d like a personalised papercut for a loved one.

Please contact EKone via the contact us.

lots of Love