The Carters: Shamrocks, Cupcakes and Tattoos.

After an impromptu personalised portfolio order this week. I was very inspired to finish off one of my old projects that was on my to do list from a long time ago. So I attended my good friend Emmas wedding last year in Nov 2014. She married a diamond geezer called Darren. Before I show you what I did, let me tell you that Emma & Darren gave me a great opportunity to design their wedding invites and their blessing. So all the invites had to have on them was the Irish shamrock, so I came up with these…

  Irish Blessing front and back bwIrish wedding invite and RSVP aw   Irish Wedding Invite detail awIrish Wedding RSVP front and back bw

Gosh it feels like soooooo long ago that I done these. It was rather funny receiving something in the post that I had designed and had to RSPV too. If you know someone who’s getting married or you need something designing, please do get in touch.

Now for the thing that I finished off my to do list…

It was but a plain wooden chopping board. I transformed it with a pyrography tool. Slightly difficult to handle as you think it’s gonna to slip or you’re going to burn something by accident. This took me a good few hours and I felt like a real tattooist! he heeeee! Had the finger pains and everything! As Emma is a cake baker and a bloody fabulous one at that and Darren has a frigging awesome tattoo. I amalgamated the passions of the two into this skull and crossbones cupcake sitting in a tattooed scaly liner. Complete sitting on a plate with the cloudy sky with the sun rays coming through.

Wooden chopping board - Emma and Darren - a   Wooden chopping board - Emma and Darren - cw Wooden chopping board - Emma and Darren - ew Wooden chopping board - Emma and Darren - d


So happy with how this turned out, watch out for more pyrography. So Emma I hadnt told you about this yet, but lets catch up soon so I can give this bad boy to you soon 🙂

Hope you’re all having a happy saturday, can’t wait for summer!