The Electric Run 02 MAY 2015

The Electric Junglees managed to run, walk, run, walk and run to the end at The Electric Run 2015 at Wembley . Thanks to my lot for not leaving me behind! We did it in about 48 minutes not that anyone was counting! Was kinda counting on the knee pain to come, which it did about half way in. But it was great doing this run the second time in a row, and being to run a teeeny bit! Loved the inflatable cupcakes, giant teddies, the smell of bubblegum and the people on stilts.

But we thought we’d take this opportunity to raise some money for the Nepal Earthquake So if you havn’t donated yet, please do. Took a few snaps here and there, do check ’em out.


    Lets raise some money for Nepal. Khilna