Hombres: The Special Specials’ Board

Would you ever imagine this fun quirky Mexican Restaurant to be in Harrow! Well amigos, think again. Hombres Mexican Kitchen is the only Mexican restaurant of its kind in Harrow! Serving up fresh, healthy and filling Mexican street food. Its ranked no 4 out of 308 restaurants in Harrow on Trip advisor (27/05/15). How awesome is that! Well now, take a look at these and decide for yourself.

 Hombres Art h Hombres Art i Hombres Art k Hombres Art m

Hombres Art s Hombres Art p Hombres Art q Hombres Art r

The first time I went to Hombres, I just loved the walls, especially the printed flaky painted side, and then downstairs the ripped poster wall. They look fantastic. I have 4 been times now! And each time you visit, you always bump into people you know or even make some new friends. Its great! We ordered a few dishes, Roasted Vegetable Quesadillas, Sweet Potato Fries, Honey Chipotle Wings, an Unwrapped Burrito for those on no carbs, and to top it off Cinnamon Churros with Chocolate. Ohhhh my! It so just tooooooo good 🙂 A couple of the guys ordered grilled habanero wings and one suffered quietly whereas the other not so quietly! Hahaaaaaaaaaa! Though I am a vegetarian, Shamik says people come from all over to try the wings. 

So at my last visit, Shamik commissioned a piece of art and I made it into a special, specials board…

Hombres Art e

So the guy was inspired by Shamik himself (can you see the resemblance?) and also because I watched “The Book of Life” a cute Mexican animation by Jorge R. Gutierrez. Shamik had just shaved the tash a few days before! Sods Law! otherwise the picture would have been even more epic. The speech bubble is interactive, done with blackboard paint so can be chopped and changed with a piece of chalk. You can draw or write in the speech bubble. 

Hombres Art d

Make sure you make a trip up to Hombres and experience authentic Mexican cuisine. Next time I’m checking out the paintings new home and what its gonna say. Also I definitely have to try out the cocktails and I’m sure that wont be my last visit! Hombres puts on some great events on – Movie nights with food, drink and popcorn, sports matches, a week of Cinco de Mayo celebrations. There’s always special offers going on, check out www.facebook.com/HombresMexican. Ayye Caramba, amigos and amigas  give em a like. Fresh off the Press: The new house beer PISTONHEAD is launching this friday, 29th May 2015. Need to try some of that too!

Thanks Shamik of Hombres.