The Year Long Art Piece

So this piece has been in the making since last year. Technically it was meant to be for Jayshree and Rakesh’s wedding present but it was no-where near ready so it lended itself to becoming their first anniversary present! #NaughtyKhilna!

A little bit about this piece. I had been for a graffiti lesson just before doing this, so was adamant that I wanted to use what I had learnt. My uncle had given us some big storage boxes, recycled from his workplace. Instead of putting them in the recycling bin, I thought why not use it for an art piece. It had a great surface to work on, it’s sturdy and massive! Wayheyyyy!

So I began, spraying away. However, like all my art pieces, I don’t plan and the end result never looks like how I thought about it at the start. It has steered in different directions whether it was moving away from a colour I didn’t like, or adding textures here and splats there. Moving orientation, doing portraits in pin pricks and realising that you can’t see it! Even though it was an awesome idea. All sorts happened.

I had free reign for the most part, apart from the having some photographs in the piece, which I put on in full force, all the sides of the wooden frame. Which I very proudly made myself with a lil help from Mum and Nishal.

Here’s some pictures of the start and inbetween.

the start detail 2 detail 1

the framethe faces

Happy 1st Anniversary Jayshree and Rakesh.

May you both, live long and prosper x

Lots of Love

Khilna and the Gang x