When i got locked out!

I got locked out the house a few months ago! I ended up heading over to to my sister – Neha and brother in law’s – Rishi’s house, looking for a way to get back into my house again. When I got there, Ravi from Regal Vehicles Services was washing Rishi’s car. I rang the doorbell, and Rishi took long to open the door! Like sooooooooo long! Which got Ravi and I chatting. He’s started off by saying, “Are you Khilna from Ekone?”. I’m like, “YES” and he says, “I follow you on Instagram!” “So do I”, I said.

From there, we just got chatting and I ended up showing him, all the recent work I had done.  He mentioned to me, it was his sons birthday in the next week and whether i could make something for him. Instantly i say yes! After asking a a few questions, I just knew the perfect thing.  He then proceeded to say, i need 2! I have 2 sons! i’m like “Brill”. I love a challenge.

So from getting locked out. These happened.










What do you think guys, literally from getting locked out the house!

What would you like to see next. Drop some comments.

Khilna x